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Status Anxiety and How We Measure Self-Worth

Competition for status is part of human nature, and this ruthless drive to polish our image influences the decisions we make, the people we befriend, where we live, and, ultimately, the lives that we lead. But at some point you need to wonder: Are you buying that new Tesla because you genuinely love the vehicle, the brand, and what it stands for … or are you buying it because your next door neighbor has a hot, new car and you… Read Essay


7 Ways to Nurture Creativity

As a creative person at a startup or larger company, it feels surreal to do what you love and belong to a team that’s pursuing a worthwhile endeavor. Chances are, you were hired because… Read Essay


8 Insights on Human Nature

“Our behavior toward each other is the strangest, most unpredictable, and most unaccountable of all the phenomena which we are obliged to live,” said the American physician and essayist Lewis Thomas. “In all of nature,… Read Essay