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8 Insights on Human Nature

“Our behavior toward each other is the strangest, most unpredictable, and most unaccountable of all the phenomena which we are obliged to live,” said the American physician and essayist Lewis Thomas. “In all of nature, there is nothing so threatening to humanity as humanity itself.” Equally true is that there is nothing so enriching to humanity than for humans to deeply understand themselves—to study our inner workings, the foundation from which all else springs, and use this knowledge to grow an… Read Essay


How to Understand Fashion

Choosing our fashion is a relatively new luxury, and this ability to choose has endowed us with more power than we know. Even just a thousand years ago, lipstick was considered scandalous and different fabrics… Read Essay


Seek to Understand

As social animals who are hardwired to sort chaos into order and turn meaning into chapters and chapters into memories, we find comfort in right or wrong answers. We do this with politics, parenting,… Read Essay


5 Masterful Insights on Writing

Writing is a necessary craft for communicating ideas, thoughts, and concerns. Regardless of what you do, and no matter how advanced technology becomes, the written word will always have a seat at the table…. Read Essay