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Teaching Lessons

There are two ways to (attempt to) teach someone a lesson. The “I told you so” approach is a common and easy one. Someone fails and then you amplify their shame in hopes that they will take your counsel next time with eager ears. Some people crave this moment. It’s as if they enjoy seeing someone who was at the top of their confidence completely melt into their own demise. It’s probably not the first time they’ve said… Read Essay


Real Talk

Real talk is when we drop the armor, cut the bullshit, and speak wholeheartedly. Real talk is when we say things that aren’t being said out loud. No wasting time, no beating around the… Read Essay


People Are Our Proper Occupation

“In a sense, people are our proper occupation,” said the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius in Meditations. “Our job is to do them good and put up with them.” And yet, it is stressful to keep this in… Read Essay