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How Writing Regularly Can Improve Creativity and Clarity

Starting or running a business is a risky endeavor. Entrepreneurs and artists deal with a storm of surprises and self-doubt, and they need to constantly learn and adapt to steer the ship to safety. I’ve found that one of the best avenues for problem solving is writing. The process of putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) allows us to digest and distill experiences mindfully. Here’s an example: If you keep ramming your head into a project,… Read Essay


Understanding Hidden Biases

The following scenario is in the book Blindspots, by Harvard social psychologists Mahzarin Banaji and Tony Greenwald: A father and his son are in a car accident. The father dies at the scene and the… Read Essay


How to Choose a Role Model

We are a species that depends on one another for learning, self-worth, emulation, connection, safety, transferring ideas and stories, and collaboration. As the iconic designer Paula Scher said, We can pick our teachers and we can pick… Read Essay


Practicing Meditation

The first time someone suggested meditation as a daily practice to reduce stress and organize my thoughts, I cringed inwardly and outwardly. I was appalled, even angry, that my dermatologist advised me to meditate… Read Essay