If I asked you to talk to that tree outside, would you do it?

If you recently started a new craft like graphic design or blogging, would you respond to, “So what do you do?” without feeling ashamed that you were an amateur or had no clients or readers?

It’s baffling how much attention we give to people who do so little for us.

Even with a project mindset — knowing that you are doing something just to see the cause and effect of your actions, knowing that this is ephemeral — most of us would never go and talk to the tree outside because we would feel embarrassed. “I don’t feel like doing it” isn’t a justifiable answer anymore; it reeks of fear.

The key to living the already amazing life that we are given is to stop placing our comfort and well-being in the hands of others.

The key is in being able to talk to that tree knowing that people are thinking you are fucking nuts — and you being completely comfortable with it because the cold truth is that no one can make you feel anything. We make ourselves feel something by what we tell ourselves. We create our reality.

We need to unlearn and lessen the attentiveness we give to other’s opinions, and regain self-sovereignty in being comfortable with who we are, just the way we are. We are all incredibly flawed — something that we take for granted over and over. Media and high school has brainwashed us into fitting in, judging others, and created this bubble with a set of beliefs that were never defined by our standards. This is something that can be unlearned if we are brave and willing enough to become self-aware and to change our minds.

You don’t feel embarrassment, you create it. In your own mind. With your thoughts, by what you tell yourself.

“Nothing is more pathetic than people who run around in circles, “delving into the things that lie beneath” and conducting investigations into the souls of the people around them, never realizing that all you have to do is be attentive to the power inside you and worship it sincerely.” — Marcus Aurelius

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  1. Zell

    Excellent post Paul. This totally resonates.

    For years, I’ve been feeling afraid of talking to people, especially those that I want to impress and I often fail fantastically at that. My behaviour was totally changed by my mind because of what I think.

    It has gotten better recently, I’ve realized I do not necessarily need to react to the bullshit that my mind or anyone else throws at me. Takes time, and I’m still trying.

    Once again, excellent post.

    1. Paul Jun

      It most definitely is a process. No one wakes up and immediately is invulnerable. The more we do it by making tough decisions, the more it becomes a part of who we are.


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