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Motivated Mastery Manifesto Is Available In Print


This is only on an 8.5 x 11 inch paper. Actual poster sizes are available.

The first question I have to answer is, Why did it take so long?

I created this manifesto around the time I was redesigning my blog back in February. It started out as a side project. I couldn’t think of a good byline for my blog—and I was stressing it because I would read articles on the importance of bylines, but learned that most of the advice you hear can be ignored—so instead I chose to create a visual representation of what my site stands for.

What turned out to be a simple side project ended up to be work of art, shared and loved by many. I reached out to people I look up to, and luckily for me, they were kind enough to share it with their readers and friends. Its been shared thousands of times, and viewed more than I can count or track.

But there is that ego again, wanting to track and record those numbers for the purpose of making myself feel better. But this isn’t about me. It’s for the people who need to read these words so that they can move forward.

The inspiration behind this is simple: there is power in the written word, something visual, something that requires a few seconds, maybe a minute at most, of your attention. Honor that attention with great value, and now we’re entering the business of changing hearts and minds.

Look at memes and Instagram. We live in a era where pictures with quotes have the power to move us, to remind us, to make us laugh, and to strengthen us. A visual reminder can serve as a powerful reinforcement to keep your mind focused on what’s important.

So why did I take so long to get this available in print, especially when people were emailing me for it saying that they’ll buy one right this second?

Simple: fear.

And that fear created laziness. That laziness made me stop searching for a great service/website that provided exactly what I needed. Turns out, with just a few hours of searching, I found over a dozen websites that provided the services I was looking for. It was there the whole time.

Over the last two months I created a lot of anxiety for myself, because that’s what anxiety is—self-imposed. I felt lost and stuck. I was in search of freelance work or a possible job but to no avail. But here I was abandoning the principles on my manifesto. The reason why I felt stuck and uncomfortable was because I wasn’t doing anything.

Actions create momentum. If your actions aren’t helping you learn, explore, and purposely become uncomfortable, then that’s why you feel stuck, and ultimately why you’ll remain unhappy. I wasn’t involved in any projects or actively seeking discomfort. In short, I was comfortable. And comfort, as I’m learning it, is the antithesis of growth.

That’s when I decided to get up and make this manifesto a reality. And to be dead-honest, it took me less than 2 weeks. It took one question on my Facebook page asking for recommendations, and another week to inform my designer of a minor typo (THAT NONE OF YOU CAUGHT) so I can get new images.

I apologize for the delay. I hope you enjoy the manifesto, and more importantly, I hope you share it with someone who really needs it. I ordered one to check the quality of the paper (many kinds available) and printing, and it came out exactly the way I envisioned.

I’m really happy to see this come alive. And most importantly, I’m happy with the lessons that I learned throughout this process of creating, delaying, and shipping.

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If there is a size that you would like but isn’t available, feel free to shoot me an email or comment below and let me know what size you prefer.