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Motivated Mastery Manifesto

This manifesto was created after I underwent (and overcame) a personal health crisis. I reflected on the person I was becoming and the work that I was doing, and I sought to remind myself of the principles that helped me move forward in life.

Many years later, I still get notes from counselors, psychologists, and coaches who have bought these and hung them up on their walls. I hope the messages are timely and inspiring to you, too. 

Connect the Dots: Strategies and Meditations on Self-education

I wasn’t stimulated by traditional education and was desperately searching for ways to adapt. I began tapping into the resources that were available to me while disciplining myself to take control over my education. Over time, I developed new habits that enabled me to turn self-education into a daily practice, all the while putting me on the career path of a writer.

Connect the Dots is a concise manual to help you get started on the path of self-education. The opportunity to learn anything to improve how you lead your life and do your work is more accessible than ever. This book isn’t about blaming the education system or pointing out its flaws; it’s about developing habits, fostering an intense desire to learn, and realizing that learning how to think and to connect the dots helps us live greatly.

Never before in history have we had as many chances to learn and grow and become — and absolutely squandered them. This book is about someone who didn't.

— Jeff Goins, Author, The In-Between

Reignite: Sparking the Desire to Understand and Abandon Self-Defeat

To reignite oneself is to assume the position of fire. Fire would not be fire if it weren’t for its persistence and determination to burn everything in its path. The change from the old you to the new you is going to require you to dust off the old ashes and to embrace what’s ahead. Many people may relate to fire as destruction, but you and I would be much better off to view it as a fresh start, a rebirth, and a way to radiate and captivate the life that we yearn to live.

This book is about reigniting your self-awareness. It’s about reinventing yourself to abandon self-defeat, focus on what matters, and live up to your true potential.

Building an Empire with Words

This succinct, powerful book gets to the heart of words—their influence, power, and ability to change the world as we see it, and above all, the ability to change our selves.

This was the first book I wrote, emerging from a newfound passion for words as I stumbled onto the path of being a writer. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy reflecting back on the person I was when I first wrote this.