The Best Questions to Ask

Sometimes, the best questions aren’t the ones we ask others but the ones we ask ourselves. With honesty, humility, and care.

Telling yourself that you’re going to commit to something, but end up not doing it, is the result of fear. That’s it.

A few questions worth asking ourselves not just in the cold month of January, but everyday, every month, and if possible, every moment.

Seth Godin said something in an interview that I had to write down:

I’m paraphrasing: “We have the habit of showering everyday and eating everyday. Why not get into the habit of thinking everyday?” (Which was the reason why he blogs everyday.)

He asks himself 3 questions:

“What do I do?”

“How do I do it?”

“And how can I do it with more impact?”

That’s pro. Those 3 questions alone made me rethink what I do on this blog and how I’m serving my readers — which is now leading to a project to redesign it.

Questions worth asking ourselves to harness awareness, determination, and clarity:

What am I afraid of?

Why am I afraid of it, and how would my life be different if I did the thing that scares me? (Short answer: your life would change drastically)

Is this a ego-move, or something more meaningful?

What are the distractions in my life? Why haven’t I removed them yet?

What can I learn from this (good or bad) experience?

Who am I dealing with? Do they tend to be emotional? Are they the type to make no excuses? Are they money-hungry? (Knowing who you’re dealing with is critical.)

Is this meeting, this project, this get-together, whatever, going to help me get to where I need to go? Or am I just pretending to work?

Redefine all the things that we chase after — happiness, success, a “good life.”

What skills am I developing? Am I slowly mastering this skill?

How am I more connected to the people that matter to me, people who help me grow and learn and live, people who share a common goal of attaining accomplishments rather than compliments?

When your negative emotions swarm you, ask yourself: What good would it do to act on these negative emotions? Are these emotions not temporary? Haven’t I failed before when acting out of anger or jealously or frustration? Why do it again?

(Taken from Danielle Laporte) How do I want to feel? Not what I want to achieve. How do I want to feel? 

What’s stopping me from moving forward? (Could be your attitude, beliefs, anything. Something is in your mind, something that you are telling yourself, that is undermining your initiative. Change that — because you can.)

What questions are you going to ask yourself every chance you get?

3 Comments The Best Questions to Ask

  1. Mark S

    I printed this for my own personal viewing; I am asking myself, “What am I grateful for, here and now” to keep me focused on the good things…..

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