The Best Kind of Revenge

“The best revenge is not to be like that,” Marcus Aurelius once said.

That meaning when your girl/boyfriend cheats on you, the best revenge is not to cheat like them. By doing so, you share the same nature as the person that hurt you, making you just as wrong.

That meaning when someone lies to you or breaks a promise or hides the truth, the best revenge is to not be like that person to the people whom you care and love.

When you see someone doing something that leaves a foul taste in your mouth, always ask yourself, “Do I practice the same actions, the same beliefs?”

“How dare they insult me! I must defend myself,” you might say.

Better to say: How dare they go against their nature and feed into their negative desires. How foolish they are for hurting themselves and degrading their character. And how dare me for giving attention to the little things that don’t matter and allowing it to hurt me.

The best revenge is to not mimic what the fools do. The best revenge is to be yourself, to succeed, to do what they cannot, to stay focused, and to live as you must.

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